Blue Assist

On line coaching empowers disabled people


The user of BlueAssist has difficulties in understanding a situation and in asking an understandable question. With BlueAssist-messages on a BlueAssist-card, a BlueAssist application for smartphones and a function key on a BlueCall Phone, they can ask strangers for assistance. The co-citizens understands better what the BlueAssist-user needs and feels more comfortable to help.

Using BlueAssist, many things, that seemed unthinkable and unaccessible before, become possible for the user: going into town on their own, going to the supermarket, buying a compact disc or taking the bus alone. BlueAssist completely changes the lives of the users and of the carer who becomes a coach. Before, we saw people with intellectual disabilities only going out with assistance and in group. Now they can take part in society in an individual way.

The BlueAssist project has been selected by the expert group of welfare among 72 examples in this field as being innovative because of the use of passers-by and ICT in care. It has been selected afterwards for filming

Innovative aspects

New form of service delivery: Complete independence is often too difficult for people with intellectual disabilities or people with bad functioning of the brains. But not being able to act independently, does not mean one has to be dependent.

Over the years Ithaka has experienced that heartfelt care led too much towards learned helplessness. Ithaka, striving for quality of life for all, supported freedom through empowerment and process inclusion. Inclusion is more than being able to take part in activities, but is taking up meaningful roles in society as an employee, a participant, a tourist, a citizen, a family member. The practices created in Ithaka are based on these quality objectives.

New form of governance

A new NPO BlueAssist is founded (1 July 2011) to protect the icon, to create a BlueAssist-network, to spread and to implement as many “BlueAssists” as possible in Europe and beyond.