Eltern AG

Empowering parents


The Eltern AG - empowerment program aims at coaching parents from disadvantaged backgrounds to prepare them for educating and caring for their children effectively.

The intervention happens pre-natal or at a very early child age. The organization is most effective in reaching the 'hard-to-reach’ target groups that alternative providers have missed to address (single parents, parents with immigrant background, etc.).

It has designed a coaching program that fundamentally builds on the interests, the involvement and the capabilities of the parents, which decide individually and freely on their participation (empowerment). By applying a bottom-up, low-threshold approach the organization succeeds in building trust in participants that enables intense and effective collaboration. The approach integrates the current findings of neuroscience, developmental psychology and social education and is being evaluated constantly on a scientific basis.

The intervention is highly preventative, since it helps avoiding the emergence of family problems before they occur. Thereby it ensures a conflict-free upraising and education of the children. This is important, since early childhood and youth experiences have a high impact on the future development of people. Furthermore, the program is conceptualized for small groups in local neighborhoods. Thereby it automatically enables the establishment of mutual aid and community networks that mostly continue to exist after the end of the official program.

The effectiveness of the intervention is underlined by the fact that an increasing number of well established, large Welfare organizations have started making use of the experiences and the special concept of Eltern AG and let their staff participate in vocational trainings provided by the organization. Eltern AG thereby serves as an innovative lever for the existing welfare landscape.