European Care Certificate

Unified approach to care: a certificate for entry level staff

Welfare Health

This created a set of learning outcomes covering essential knowledge which any worker new to care will need to know in order to work safely and in line with person centred values. The 8 Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes (BESCLO) have been shown to reliably cover this essential knowledge and the ECC Board has established an exam (paper or online) to test for knowledge of these outcomes.

This began because there was no common statement of what staff needed to know to begin working within the care sector, yet social care is an easy way to find work in other countries, so, creating a certificate demonstrating a worker knew the agreed basics in care would aid worker mobility, assist employability and promote better standards. Our research found that induction training often did not routinely happen (or even exist), that the front line staff were badly trained but still asked to make complex judgments.

This innovation has proved very sucessful, with over 3650 candidates so far in our ECC database. Employers and workers quickly understand what it demonstrates and trainers like the ‘learning outcomes’ which links to the EQF approach. EASPD promotes high standards of care built around the value base encapsulated in the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities. The ECC provides a practical way of delivering that across the whole of Europe.