Place de bleu

Social enterprises for integration and development

Education Welfare

Place de bleu is a sewing room that employs marginalized immigrant women. We produce home interior and accessories, all produced by hand and sold via a webshop and actual shops and retailers such as magasin, louisiana, strøm (hellerup), kalejdoskop (ålborg), norman og hay.

All collections use colours, forms and beautiful needlework traditions from all over the world as their starting point. Behind place de bleu is the association qaravane that works to promote the employment of vulnerable immigrant women. The association works politically/strategically as well as concretely qua place de bleu. The objective is to support women towards better integration in the danish labour market, greater inclusion in the danish society and thus also help the families of the women.

Place de bleu is a leading project on a number of fronts:

• the development of our method for the induction of women to the labour market, remuneration and retention as well as empowerment

• that we have been successful with what we do! We presently employ 9 women on flexible conditions of employment and have 5-6 women affiliated as freelance ‘knitting wives’ and ‘crocheting ladies’

• our combination of ethnic inspiration and scandinavian design

• adherence to needlework traditions that otherwise are becomming extinct in denmark

• an effective impact in the media both as to the social task we perform and in terms of design and business